Luxery of tardiness


Slow down with the ORIGINAL AAGLANDER motorised carriage


In 1784, the Erbprinz was mentioned first in the history books – as a post-house. The classical means of transportation was the stage coach.


Together with our cooperation partner, the Aagland’sche Kutschhalterei (Aagland coach holder) Iffezheim/Badan-Baden, we would like to revive this tradition with 2 ORIGINAL AAGLANDER motorised carriages. The unique carriages (there are only 13 of them worldwide, 2 of which in Iffezheim) turn your trip into something special, supplementing the guests’ appearance with the charm of the unforgettable and representative. The elegance of the coaches offers a visual delight, guaranteeing lasting memories and a great feeling of joy.


When presenting your driving licence, you have the chance to drive yourself after being instructed.