Ettlinger Schloss

The Ettlingen Castle is a Baroque castle lying at the centre of the city of Ettlingen. After her husband Margrave Ludwig Whilhem passed away, Margravine Augusta Sibylla decided to have her dower residence in Ettlingen. From 1727, she had a Baroque castle built from Lossburg sand stone and using the remaining ruins to be her residence for retirement. Johann Michael Ludwig Rohrer was the master-builder of the luxurious four-winged castle that was finished in 1733. After the Margravine passed away in 1733, a long time began during which the castle was used for different purposes: first as Guesthouse, from 1812 military hospital. In 1871, the Prussians housed their NCO training college here. In 1912, the castle finally became the property of the city of Ettlingen. Guided tours at the castle take place every Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm. A guided tour through the Ettlingen Castle will take you to several halls and Baroque imperial rooms. The highlight is the old castle chapel with frescoes by the popular Baroque painter Cosmas Damian Asam.


Karlsruher Schloss

The castle of Karlsruhe is the center of the fan of Karlsruhe. It was build between 1715 and 1718 to order of the margrave Karl Wilhelm of Baden-Durlach and has been the castle of the current govering sovereign.

Of the castle tower you have an amazing view over the fan of Karlsruhe and the castle garden.


Heidelberger Schloss

Faszinating stories of love, sorrow and the small guzzler Perkeo carry the visitors off to bygone times.

Guidances are offered in 7 languages.