Cities of the region


Baden-Baden, an international and exclusive thermal spa resort is located at the foothills of the Black Forest in the south-western part of Germany. With its elegant flair and stylish way of life, Baden-Baden is a paradise for those who cherish life’s pleasures and wish to recharge their batteries. The two town’s thermal baths, the modern Caracalla Spa and the historic Roman-Irish “Friedrichsbad” as well as many exquisite spa-hotels are conducive to relaxation, unique wellness and various spa treatments – a perfect invitation for taking a break from the routines of daily life in “the green town of short distances”.

The “Festspielhaus” – Europe’s second largest opera and concert hall - offers cultural pleasure at the highest level. With its world acclaimed acoustics, the “Festspielhaus” offers over 300 top class events yearly.

Bad Herrenalb
This popular excursion destination arose of a foundation of a monestery of the Zisterzienser in the year 1149.
Today Bad Herrenalb is a famous health resort.

It is a modern business metropolitan area with thousands of years of history, a variety of leisure activities, a diversified cultural life and excellent shopping facilities. Along with Bruchsal proper, the other towns that make up the Bruchsal metropolitan area - Büchenau, Heidelsheim, Helmsheim, Obergrombach and Untergrombach - with their idyllic niches and historical buildings have succeeded in maintaining their unique village character throughout the centuries.
Surrounded by endless woods, orchard meadows, romantic side valleys and babbling creeks lies the Black Forest town, which has many beautiful villages. Here going for a walk or hiking becomes a special experience. In the ROTHERMA thermal-mineral bathing centre, you will experience pure health from the depths of the earth with energetic and aromatic baths. This sauna park with rock sauna and ice grotto offers a world-class experience.

Freiburg has a lot to offer-no matter whether you are interested in a stroll in the historic old town to learn about the culture and history of the city, whether you would like to spend some time in one of the many cafes and cosy pubs, or whether you would like to indulge in Badisch cuisine and hospitality.

Designed like Karlsruhe as a planned city, the centre of the Black Forest city has interesting shopping opportunities to offer. Plays, sports, adventures, action, rest and relaxation – everyone finds the right activity here. Healthy air, lakes, woods and meadows – it’s the ideal getaway destination for those who consider fitness and spa-treatments as being healthy.
Heidelberg is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The harmonious ensemble of castle, Old Town and river nestled in the hills of the Odenwald already inspired poets and painters of Romanticism and today still fascinates millions of visitors from all over the world.

Heilbronn lies in the north of Baden-Wuerttemberg. With more than 120,000 residents, it is the sixth largest city of the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the second largest city of the Wuerttemberg part. About 55 miles lie between Heilbronn and Karlsruhe.

In the legendary fan-shaped city, the margraves used to rule. Today the joy of living rules. The Baden metropolis lives up to the promise of its unique layout: Here the best sides of life come together! No other city lies in such an attractive landscape as Karlsruhe: A stone’s throw to the Alsace, Black Forest, Palatinate Forest (Pfälzer Wald), Vosges – in Karlsruhe, everything is at your front door. Immerse yourself into the variety of the fan-shaped city.
From the river Neckar to the castle the city shows its “square“ side and invites the visitor to get to know the many faces of the city square by square. At every street corner you will soon notice that in Mannheim quality of life has much to do with extraordinary experiences.

Even in the Middle Ages, Pforzheim was one of the most important cities of the country - until 1565 it was the residence of the Margraves of Baden. But it was the foundation of a manufactory for the production of watches and bijouterie in 1767 A.D. that made the city on the rivers Enz, Nagold and Würm the internationally renowned "City of Gold".

Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm, the “Tuerkenlouis” (“Turk Louis”), had the Baroque castle built designed after Versailles. In 1849, the end of the Baden Revolution was marked here. The “Revolutionspfad” (Revolution Path) with 15 stations begins at the castle.
The famous emperors of Salier found in the crypt of the cathedral of Speyer their final resting place.
The UNESCO World Heritage with his historical buildings is worth visiting.
Strasbourg, Strossburi in Alsatian, Straßburg in German, is over 2000 years old. Founded by the Romans in the year 12 BC, the city was first a military camp protecting the northern border of the Empire against “Barbarian” incursions. A monument, the janus Aqueduct, designed in 1988 by the illustrator Tomi Ungerer as a tribute to his native city, symbolizes the bi-millennium whilst emphasizing the profoundly bi-cultural dimension, both Latin and Germanic, of Strasbourg.

The area around Stuttgart boasts a wealth of historic buildings for you to discover, ranging from medieval castles and baroque palaces to magnificent royal residences and long-forgotten ruins. Take a trip back in time to a world of lords and their mistresses, knights and princesses – you can almost imagine how life used to be...!