Thermal bath

Vierordtbad Karlsruhe

The thermal bath Vierordtbad in Karlsruhe is the most beautiful historical spa in the city. Dedicated in 1900 the spa grow to a modern and high-toned spa with classy atmosphere.


Caracalla Therme Baden-Baden


With more than 4,000 m² the Caracalla Spa offers lots of scope for you to unwind in relaxation and bathe at leisure in the hot thermal water. The bathing area with its large variety of bathing pools and the Roman saunascape with an outdoor area in the picturesque castle gardens invite you to relax and enjoy.



Friedrichsbad Baden-Baden


Experience the ultimate in Roman bathing culture combined with Irish hot-air baths here at the Friedrichsbad. Luxuriate in this exclusive bathing pleasure as you visit each of the 17 different stages. The changing temperatures and the healing thermal water in the various baths have a regenerative effect on body and soul.


The well-being that you take home with you after a visit to the Friedrichsbad and the healing benefit of its thermal water will be unforgettable, as it has been for many others for over 130 years.



Siebenthäler Therme Bad Herrenalb

Enjoyment and relaxing on a exceptional way.