Restaurant Erbprinz


In the Erbprinz Restaurant, you savour the big culinary experience!


Chef Ralph Knebel’s cuisine and the service run by Tim Buchmann have received an appropriate, worthy setting. The noblest materials from France, Italy, Columbia and Germany have been used here to create a harmonic atmosphere.


A collection of twelve graphics and semi sculptures emphasises the artistic design of the new gourmet restaurant, representing a chapter of Erbprinz history: On March 12, 1981, twelve artists met in the Erbprinz on suggestion and invitation by Merlin publisher Andreas J. Meyer, agreeing to each document the gathering with an own piece of work of graphical or sculptural art on the theme “A Crown of Cuisine”. The result is an ensemble of twelve works of art in one conceptual context hanging in the new Erbprinz Restaurant today and linking art and cuisine in a very authentic way. The collection features works by Otmar Alt and Johannes Gruetzke among others.