Castle festival in Ettlingen

In June 2012, the new repertory season of the Schlossfestspiele Ettlingen (Ettlingen Castle Festival) will start. In the sense of “Who wants to see a good musical must to go to Ettlingen”, the Castle Festival presents the music of Elton John and Tim Rice’s (lyrics) successful musical AIDA, Tim Rice being the one who wrote musicals such as Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita and many others. Festival director Udo Schuermer will direct the musical; the musical direction will again be in the trusted hands of Juergen Voigt. The premiere will take place on June 28, 2012. This year William Shakespeare’s last masterpiece THE TEMPEST, a mélange of all his creative periods such as the love story, the royal drama, the crude popular comedy and the fairytale play, will be presented.


Manfred Langner, director of the Stuttgarter Schauspielbuehnen (Stuttgart Theatre), will direct the play. It will have its premiere on July 5, 2012. For children and families, the Schlossfestspiele 2012 offers the story of RITTER ROST (KNIGHT RUST), also including the Knight Rust episode “Ritter Rost und das Gespenst” (“Knight Rust and the Ghost”). This musical for children will have its premiere on June 17, 2012. Joerg Bitterich will direct the stage version of the very popular and well-known children’s book series that was also shown as a cartoon on TV. In 2011, he already directed the young festival programme and from summer 2012 on, he will be director of the children’s and youth theatre at the Landesbuehne Bruchsal (Bruchsal State Theatre). Bitterich will also stage-manage the mobile youth play “Um Himmels Willen, Ikarus!” (“For Heaven’s Sake, Icarus!”) that school classes can book and that will also be shown at the Eichendorff-Gymnasium (Eichendorff High School). In cooperation with the Schlossfestspiele, there will also be two events directly here in the Erbprinz. This year, we are especially looking forward to a remake of the “Musical Evergreens” in which the actors of the Schlossfestspiele will present the best songs from the most popular musicals. The second play in the Erbprinz will be “Oh-la-la, l’amour?!“

In it Annette Mayer combines chansons of great vocal artists such as Edith Piaf, Juliette Gréco and Patricia Kaas to a vivid musical bouquet. Both events will be accompanied by a 5-course meal of Ralph Knebel’s cuisine. On the left of this text, you can have a look at the set menus and download them.