SPA etiquette


Our Spa is a place of calmness, relaxation and revival of the mind. We do everything for you to feel well and for your stay to become a sensual experience having a lasting effect. When being accompanied by their parents, children and adolescents up to 16 years of age are welcome guests.


For an optimal rest and relaxation, we recommend you note the following rules:



Please enter the spa with a bathrobe after showering.


For our day guests

We provide you with bathrobes, bathing shoes and towels.


Hotel guests

You will find your bathing clothes in your room – please use the spa lift taking you directly to the spa reception.


The stay

Take enough time for your visit and plan times of rest between your activities so as not to overstrain yourself. Do not eat too much before visiting the spa – but don’t come hungry, either. We serve small snacks at the pool bar.


Drink enough – we offer energised Grander Water and a selection of high class, refreshing teas for you free of charge. A good water balance helps your body to detox and keeps your cardiovascular system stable.



Our employees will pay close attention to your needs and will gladly answer your questions to make your spa visit a very personal experience.



The sauna area is a nude area. Please use a towel to sit on in the sauna. In the resting rooms, hallways and at the pool, we ask you to wear appropriate clothing.