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Special treatments

Together with the naturopath Ludgard Kronenberger, we offer you a selection of special treatments in our Beauty SPA.

Wrinkle injection with hyaluronic acid

The wrinkle injection with hyaluronic acid promises a gentle but very effective reduction of wrinkles in a natural way. Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous substance and a natural component of the skin and connective tissue. The painless wrinkle injection can be used in many ways to give the face softer contours and to specifically eliminate problem areas.

All prices for our special treatments are set in an initial discussion after a detailed skin analysis. Please make an appointment in our Erbprinz Beauty SPA by Jaqueline Frank-Zepf.

The freshness kick in 5 minutes

The treatment with PROFHILO® is short, gentle and hardly noticeable.

At five defined injection points on each half of the face, the smallest quantities of PROFHILO® are injected with fine needles. Due to its special nature and the special BAP injection technique (Bio Aesthetic Points), PROFHILO® distributes itself in the tissue. Your entire facial skin benefits from its moisture-binding effect. Immediately after the treatment, you can easily return to your usual routine.

One treatment - consisting of two applications 4 weeks apart - is usually sufficient to produce a visible anti-aging effect. A booster treatment is recommended after a further 6 months. Of course, PROFHILO® can also be used on other areas of the body such as the décolleté, arms, neck, back of the hand and knees. Wherever the skin is tired and dry, PROFHILO® brings moisture and thus new freshness to the tissue.

Prices depending on the body area. 

Eyelid tightening without surgery


As one of the first cosmetic studios in Ettlingen and one of the few in the region, we offer this new type of eyelid tightening treatment. The upper and lower eyelids can be tightened without surgery, without scars and without side effects. The following indications can also be treated with the low-risk method:

Age warts, age spots, pedunculate warts

Fibroids (benign abnormalities of the skin)

Wrinkle reduction


Non-invasive Fibroblast Lift Plasma Treatment uses a novel technology to generate plasma that is highly effective, minimally invasive, and very safe. Plasma consists of a cloud of ionized particles that are electrically positively and negatively charged.

The FIBROBLAST LIFT TECHNOLOGY creates an atmospheric plasma that enables precise tissue ablation by sublimation (evaporation). The underlying and adjacent tissue is spared due to the lack of heat dissipation.

At the same time, however, the plasma develops a healing and tissue-tightening effect, which ensures rapid and scar-free healing.


The treatment begins with the application of an anesthetic cream. For treatment, the fibroblast pen is used to create small spots in a specific pattern to trigger the tightening reaction and thereby improve elasticity. The treatment creates individual small, dry, punctiform scabs. The crusts take 5-7 days to fall off. Subsequently, slight reddening is visible for 2-3 weeks. No bleeding is expected. The swelling can last about 1-3 days.


Overall, the treatment is very low in complications and gentle on the tissue. After the initial reddening and scab formation, pink-colored skin appears. Lightening of the skin is also rarely seen. Both regress after a few weeks.


The prices are set after an initial meeting with Mrs. Jaqueline Frank-Zepf. An eyelid lift is 500 EUR including treatment, follow-up care set and personal follow-up care by Mrs. Frank-Zepf. Other possible uses, such as wrinkle reduction, start at 350 euros.

If you have any questions about this treatment method, please arrange a free consultation. We look forward to your call on +497243-322 803.

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