Chef de Cuisine Ralph Knebel

Honestly and easily, those are the two key words that describe Ralph Knebel’s way of cooking best. He does not aim for creating a new style of cuisine. He rather compares his creations with art, having eras that indicate the direction.


The art era (period of art) that Ralph Knebel is inspired by at the moment is strongly characterised by seasonal cuisine. “The product in focus dominantly determines what I make of it!”, Ralph Knebel says, who does not let himself be influenced by others’ opinions and fads in the kitchen.


Ralph Knebel was born in Regensburg, Germany. He sees Alfred Friedrich in the legendary Marcobrunn as the most important master in his career.


For now 13 years, Jasmina Knebel has been by her husband’s side, professionally and privately as well. Being close to her in the kitchen is relaxing to him and gives him balance. In her position as chief pastry cook at the Erbprinz, Jasmina Knebel whips the grand sweet finale up on the tables in the Erbprinz Restaurant.


The two artists’ harmonic interaction leads many of our guests to enjoy their meal with relish and to come back for more.