Feiern im Erbprinz
Familienfeier Erbprinz
Familienfeier Erbprinz
Familienfeier Erbprinz

Celebrations at the Erbprinz

A special occasion? Celebrations at the Erbprinz have been a tradition for centuries. Being an owner-managed hotel, we strive to give each and every one of our guests the feeling that they are at one of their own cozy family gatherings at home, while celebrating with them at our hotel. For the people of Ettlingen, the Erbprinz is a staple when it comes to festivities and we love to build on that reputation with guests from near and afar!

Feiern im Erbprinz

With family and friends

Celebrate the joys in life as they come - at the Erbprinz you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time, no matter the occasion! We are veterans in event management and plan and prepare each and every aspect of your event carefully, lovingly and to the greatest detail. Meanwhile you can focus fully on the festivities and on your special guests, family and friends. Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary or a jubilee - your celebrations will be unforgettable at the Erbprinz.

wine+ dinner =
Feiern im Erbprinz

...and what else?

Erbprinz Kultur
Experience the culture

There are wonderful cultural treasures awaiting you both in and around the Erbprinz.

Culinary Delights

Regional cousine or worldclass gourmet dishes - the choice is entirely yours.

Erbprinz Day Spa
Special Offers

Discover our special arrangements...

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