Erbprinz Health Care
Erbprinz Health Care
Erbprinz Health Care
Erbprinz Health Care

Health Care in the Erbprinz

Whether medical or physical: your health comes first. Visit our doctor's office or let our spa manager look after you in the gym: an investment in your own well-being always pays off.

Erbprinz Medical

Medical Health Care

You can either book your appointment via our reception at 07243 3220 or via the online appointment system at

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Erbprinz Medical
Erbprinz Physical

Let’s get physical!

Move. Challenge yourself. Everything in the right measure. If you have any questions, simply ask our spa manager Tabea Spangenberger. She will ensures that you do not overexert yourself and that you use our fitness appliances correctly.

push harder than
Erbprinz Physical

…und sonst so?

Erbprinz Fahrspass
Pure driving pleasure!

Maserati? Porsche? BMW?
Whichever suits you best!

Erbprinz Natur
Nature & Activities

Hundred shades of green – from the golf courses nearby through the Alb valley to the magnificent Black Forest.

Erbprinz Beauty Spa

Treat yourself to something good.
Jaqueline Frank-Zepf and her team await you.

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Café Erbprinz Torte
Raum mit Schneedusche im Spa Bereich des Hotel Erbprinz.
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