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Kultur um den Erbprinz
Kultur Erbprinz
Kultur Erbprinz
Kultur Erbprinz

Passionate since 1788

Just as it was bubbling next door in France, a stage station was opened in peaceful Ettlingen - with a serving permit. Our Erbprinz emerged from this.

Kultur um den Erbprinz

In the Erbprinz

A small, exquisite library. Original paintings. Fine items made of porcelain. Original majolica tiles in the Erbprinz Café. Inlays and valuable wood paneling. Tin soldiers. Walk around the Erbprinz - there is so much to discover!

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Kultur um den Erbprinz

Around the Erbprinz

Schloss Ettlingen
Ettlingen Palace

Ettlingen Palace is a palace in baroque style in the center of Ettlingen town. Tours can be booked on weekends at 2 pm and takes visitors through various halls and rooms, taking them back in time with its intricate baroque architecture.

ZKM Karlsruhe

The ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe is a unique cultural institution. It combines the space-based arts such as painting, photography and sculpture with the time-based arts such as film, video, media art, music, dance, theater and performance. Founded in 1989, it aims to build a bridge for the classical arts to transfer into the digital age.

Festspielhaus Baden Baden
Festspielhaus Baden Baden

With its 2,500 seats, the Festspielhaus is one of the largest classical music venues in Europe. Its architecture is unique: the auditorium and stage were built on the former track of the grand ducal train station, and its neoclassical structure still forms the entrance to the festival hall today.

Chamber Theater Karlsruhe

The chamber theater Karlsruhe was founded in 1956 in the building of a former bank. The modern stage offers plays, musicals and cabaret and has featured well-known protagonists such as Hugo Egon Balder, Susanne Pätzold and Richy Müller in its program.

Erbprinz Feiern und Tagen
Schlossfestspiele Ettlingen

The so called Schlossfestspiele or in English the Ettlingen Castle Festival has been held annually since 1979. With more than 100 events, the open-air theater festival continues from June through August in the baroque inner courtyard of Ettlingen Castle.

State Museum of Baden

The Baden State Museum is the largest cultural and historical museum in the state of Baden. It presents the culture of Baden while also featuring exponents of the cultures of Europe and the world.

Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

The Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe or the Karlruhe State Art Gallery is an art museum in Karlsruhe and features paintings by artists from a total of eight centuries (although mainly German, French and Dutch). It counts as one of the biggest museums of this kind in Germany and has a rich history and established reputation.

Theater Baden Baden

The Theater Baden-Baden is the only professional theater in the town and the surrounding area to feature drama and theater for young audiences. As a repertoire theater, it offer a diverse program that is attractive to both local attendees and tourists.

Karlsruhe Palace

The Karlsruhe Palace is situated in the city center of Karlsruhe and is one of its most notable landmarks. It was built between 1715 and 1718 on behalf of Margrave Karl Wilhelm von Baden-Durlach. Until 1918 it was the residential palace of the ruling sovereign (Margrave, later Grand Duke) of Baden.

Palace Favorite

This enchanting Baroque summer residence and hunting palace was built from 1710 to 1727 for the young Margravine Sibylla Augusta of Baden-Baden. At Favorite Palace, which is just a short carriage ride from Rastatt Residential Palace, the court met for festivities involving hunting, concerts and banquets.

Heidelberg Palace

Heidelberg Palace is one of the most famous castles in Germany. The landmark of the city of Heidelberg was the residence of the Electors of the Palatinate until it was destroyed in the War of the Palatinate Succession. The castle ruins made of red Neckar valley sandstone rises 80 meters above the valley floor of the Königsstuhl and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe nowadays.

Burda Museum
Frieder Burda Museum

The New York architect Richard Meier described the Frieder Burda Museum in Baden-Baden, which opened in 2004, as a “jewel in the park”. Along the famous Lichtentaler Allee, he created a unique, light-flooded architecture in which indoor and outdoor space, modern art and romantic parkland are featured together and complement each other. The Museum Frieder Burda presents art from the 20th and 21st centuries in changing exhibitions on four levels.

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